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ERESBIL's headquarters are located on the site formerly occupied by the Niessen electrical components factory. Reflecting the recovery of the town of Errenteria after the industrial crisis, in the year 2000, it started the refurbishment phase of part of its premises to house ERESBIL's headquarters, located since 1974 in the premises transferred by the Capuchin Community of Errenteria. Eresbil is currently located next to Niessen Kulturgunea and Errenteriako Herri Arte Eskola.

The building consists of four floors on a plot of 475 m², with a total of 1,300 square metres of useful area.

Reference and Reading room

It provides the user with:

  • Online search services in Eresbil's databases.
  • Facility for the use of own laptops.
  • WIFI access.
  • Free access to Eresbil's most common materials:
    • Open access library.
    • Music Scores and Monumental Collections section.
    • Journals entered in the current year.
  • Summary-witness of the more than 33,000 scores of Basque composers held by Eresbil.
  • Microforms reader-printer.

Study room

In this space is located:

  • A piano for score study.
  • The open-access collection of choral scores and the dance collection.

Listening and viewing room

With a capacity for 8 people, equipped with:

  • Two independent posts for individual listening.
  • Two loudspeakers for collective listening.
  • 42" screen for different image sources.

Multipurpose hall

  • It has a capacity of 30 people.
  • It is equipped for conferences, courses, multimedia presentations.
  • Video and data projector for different image sources.
  • Slide and transparency projectors.
  • Portable Viewer.
  • Dolby 5.1 sound system with automatic microphone mixer for conferences.

Exhibition area

A space in the reference room that has been set aside to display the archive's collections and materials, as well as to hold temporary exhibitions of newly acquired collections.

Meeting rooms

Eresbil also offers rooms for meetings of associations and groups related to music.