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  • ERESBIL’s headquarters are located in the site of former factory of electrical components Niessen. This building is the reflection of industrial crisis and the later recovery of the town of Errenteria. In 2000 some of its premises were renovated to house ERESBIL’s headquarters, which were until then and since 1974 located in the premises given by the Capuchin Community of Errenteria. Eresbil is next to the new buildings of the Villa de Errenteria Cultural Centre and the Errenteria Musical Music School.

    The building has four floors in a 475 m² plot, with a total of 1,300 square meters of usable floor area.

    Facade Interior

  • Reading Room

    In this room the user has the following facilities:

    • OPAC service, or online search of Eresbil´s databases.
    • Free access to Eresbil´s most usual materials:
      • - Free access library.
      • - Section of scores and monumental Collections.
      • - Magazines of the current year.
    • Summary of the over 28,000 scores of Basque composers held by Eresbil.
    • Microform reader-printer.
    Reading Room

  • Study room

    This room contains:

    • A piano to study the scores.
    • The free access collection of choral scores, created in collaboration with Euskalerriko Abesbatzen Elkartea.
    Study room

  • Listening and watching room

    It can hold 8 people, and is equipped with:

    • Two independent music boxes for individual listening.
    • Two loudspeakers for group listening.
    • 42´´ plasma screen for different sources of image.
    Listening and watching room

  • Multipurpose room

    • It can hold 30 people.
    • It is equipped for conferences, courses and multimedia presentations.
    • Video and data projector for different sources of image.
    • Slide and transparency projectors.
    • Portable display.
    • Dolby 5.1 sound system with automatic microphone mixer for conferences.
    Multipurpose room

  • Exhibition area

    Part of the reading room has been allocated to an exhibition of the archive collections and materials and temporary exhibitions of the collections recently acquired.

    Exhibition area

  • Meeting rooms

    Eresbil also offers rooms for the meetings of associations and groups related to music.

    Meeting rooms


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