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Wax cylinder collection


One of the objectives of this website is full accessibility for all users

Accessibility consists of access to information not restricted by deficiency, disability or handicap. Many people access the information on our pages from contexts that are very different to our own. This is because...

  • They may have problems with hearing, sight or mobility.
  • They may have reading or understanding difficulties.
  • They may not be able to use the keyboard or mouse
  • They may have a text-only reader, a small screen or a slow connection.
  • Etc.

Accessibility is not of interest only to the disabled; it also improves access to the web in general. Accordingly, these are our accessibility guidelines:

Scope of our accessibility policy

Of course, we are aware that the accessibility of this portal can be improved and we are currently working on it. We would like you to help us do this by sending us your comments and suggestions.


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