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Wax cylinder collection


The collection has been kept in Eresbil since 1996 in the hope that once the carriers had been stabilized, they would be able to be digitized. The curators are aware of the condition of the collection, which is no good and they even doubt whether the sound signal of many of the cylinders will be eventually able to be retrieved.

Franz with Jon on his visit in 2010

On the occasion of the event "Bilbao Congress 2010 Intangible Cultural Heritage = Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial" organised by Txoke!, Franz Lechleitner, an engineer of the Phonogrammarchiv in Vienna, visits the archive Eresbil. The director, Jon Bagüés, shows him the collection of cylinders. Franz claims that at least part of the collection can be played and as a result, digitised.

Owing to the fragility of the carrier and high risk the removal means, the curators make the decision that the person to carry out the digitalization must be an expert and the process must be made in the archive. Franz is, due to his work experience in this area, the right person to achieve it.

Since that moment the staff starts to get in touch with the engineer on several occasions in order to settle the feasibility of the digitalization project and its cost. Finally, on the 23rd January 2014, Jon Bagüés presents officially the project to the Regional Council of Bizkaia which accepts it and defrays its expenses completely.




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