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Eresbil sections

Basque composers

The initial compilation of scores by Basque and Navarrese composers was carried out both through searches in libraries and archives and purchases, as well as through the collaboration of the creators themselves. A copy of the Legal Deposit of scores from the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country is collected since 2000.

Archives collections

From 1978 onwards, documentary collections, archives and personal libraries began to arrive, as well as institutional collections, either as a donation or as a cession on deposit.

On 31st December 2018 ERESBIL had 185 funds and collections.

Sound archive

It contains the sound recordings of the works created by the Basque composers. At present, the idea has been extended to all musical production published in the Basque Country, as well as to that relating to Basque performers. A copy of the Legal Deposit of records from the Basque Autonomous Community is collected since 2000.

Musical library

This section collects the main printed sources for the development of musical research, with an important presence of reference works. Furthermore, it brings together monuments and european score collections to support musicians in their search and study of repertoire.

It is organised in three main sections:

  • Musical literature
  • Magazines
  • Scores


This section includes all kind of materials relating to composers, performers and musical subjects in documents such as: articles, clipped press, epistolary, reports, etc. In addition, it must be added a poster collection, programs, photographs and iconography.


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