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Services list

Reading room

Eresbil has a reading room with direct access to the reference collection and the most up-to-date bibliography, the collection of scores of Basque composers and the magazines of the current year.

There is also a choral library, which has been created with the collaboration of the Choir Federation of the Basque Country. It has a study room with a piano. In addition, users have access to two rooms where they can listen to or see the audiovisual documentation of the archive, either individually or in groups.

Bibliographic guidance and information

The library offers bibliographic guidance on different subjects in the reading room or through ordinary mail, e-mail or fax. In the case of specific questions, the library also gives information by phone.

Reproduction of documents

Researchers are allowed to request reproductions of textual and sound documents, with some limitations in accordance with Copyright Law and the preservation of the documents. The reproduction of works that are not public, i.e. works that are subject to copyright, will only be possible when this is done with no profit motive in mind and solely for research purposes (article 37.1 of the 1/1996 Royal Decree-Law). This archive accepts no responsibility for the use given to the reproductions against the royalties protected by the law.

To request a reproduction, researchers must fill in a request form and pay a certain amount of money. If a reproduction of any textual, photographic or sound document held by ERESBIL is published, the publisher must mention its origin and, if that is the case, state that the reproduction has been made in this archive.

Interlibrary loan

This service is addressed mainly to the music libraries of the Basque Country, although the library can sometimes loan works to other libraries. In no case will the library loan to individuals. If the requested work cannot be loaned for preservation reasons, the library will send a copy which the requester will have to pay. A form must be filled in for every document requested. The document will be on loan for one month from the day it is received, but this period can be extended on request.

Bibliographic services

ERESBIL catalogues the musical documents that it holds by Legal Deposit and sends those records to the Library of the Basque Government in Lakua.

In addition, it makes bibliographic or record catalogues on request.

Reprography - Prices of the copies

(Research purposes only).


A4, white and black, computer printings, microform photocopies:
0,10 €
A4, colour:
0,60 €
A3, reductions or enlargements:
0,15 €
A4, scanner photocopies:
0,60 €
Scannered with high resolution:
1 €

If sending images on CD, add 3 euros for support

Sound and audiovisual reproductions

CD-R, Casette, mini-disc:
9 € (more than 3 songs, support included. In case of 1 to 3 songs, 1 € by song plus 3 € by support)

Computer listings

For paper listings see the price according to the type of listing requested.
(For commercial publication uses see prices and conditions).


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